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As part of our ongoing efforts to create more effective avenues to affordable homeownership, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County is launching a new project at the end of this month with a community event.

Project Built in Greenville (B.I.G.) is an effort to bring together all kinds of minority-owned and minority-led businesses with an emphasis on the construction, home-building and banking industries, said Joe Field, Vice President of Equity. The kickoff networking event will be held at on Tuesday,  April 30 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at The UpCountry History Museum, 540 S. Buncombe Street, Greenville. The event is being done in partnership with Bank of America.

“This networking event is designed to create a platform for minority and local businesses to collaborate, interact, and build relationships for personal, professional, and business purposes,” Fields said. “We are inviting established non-minority business owners, city procurement officers, and other entities to attend, but this is open to the entire community.”

People interested in attending can register here.

Project B.I.G. is part of Habitat Greenville’s Advancing Black Homeownership Project, which launched last Fall to help develop a racial-equity lending strategy and property acquisition program across the region.

Habitat Greenville will hold series of networking events and classes as well as provide resources to black owned, minority owned, and locally owned contractors, developers, and other businesses who provide services towards the growth of Greenville as part of Project B.I.G. over the next few months.

“Across the country, Black families are less likely to own their own homes than white families, said Monroe Free, President and CEO of Habitat Greenville. “Habitat Greenville is committed to closing that gap while always with a focus on creating opportunity for all.”