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Shaniqua’s Lloyd’s father was in the Army and their family moved often until she was in middle school. The family planted in Greenville and she graduated from J.L. Mann High School.

That helped make Greenville home to her.  She began her first job at 14 and always held a consistent job. For 15 years she worked at a Walmart distribution center, during which she had her three kids, all while dreaming of having her own home.  

When she applied to the Habitat program she was unsure she would be accepted because nothing had worked before. But by August of 2022, she was approved and surprised by how welcome she felt by the team. “I cannot believe I actually got accepted. I’m actually going to classes… I’m here every day doing whatever I can do to achieve and feel like I put in as much work as anyone else, it might be different but I still did it. That’s the part that I’m happy about achieving. I just want to teach my kids that no matter what situation you’re in, to embrace what god blessed you with.” 

All of her kids will get their own rooms where they can be themselves. Ah’mari says, “I want my TV hanging on my wall and LED lights in my room.” Ah’niya, the athlete of the family, looks forward to a space outside to play basketball.  Elijah is excited for his own bed and a place for all of his games. 

For Shaniqua the next steps are all about building the tools for her kids to know that they can do it too. “Homeownership is something that I want to teach them. You can still be young and get a head start in life… I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are ready to become adults themselves, not to just depend on me. That they will never give up on any situation. If they can’t open a door to try another one until it unlocks.”

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